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The History of Palestine 1914-1920

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Jan-May 1947
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May-Nov 1947
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Dec 1947-April 1948
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Evacuation 1948
Stand Down
July 1948

Section 1

A British Promise to the Arabs

i Introduction

ii. Situation Prior to August 1914

iii. WW1 Protecting the Suez Canal

iv. WW1 Promise 1

v. WW1 Promise 2

vi WW1 Promise 3

vii. WW1 The Conquest of Palestine

viii. O.E.T.A.

ix. 1919 Paris Peace Conference

x. Nebi Mussa Riots

xi. The Heroification of Trumpeldor

xii. St Remo Conference

Sharif of Mecca

Hussein bin Ali,
Sharif of Mecca.

The Agreement
Proposed post-War Arab Caliphate

The proposed Post-War Map

1. After the war, the UK would recognize an Arab Sunni khalifate in currently controlled Ottoman Arab Lands, except where it would conflict with any arrangements made to other allies or where the majority of the population was not Muslim.

2. The UK would acknowledge the abolition of foreign privileges in Arab countries, (i.e. the Capitulations) and assist the Sharif to persuade a post-war International Conference to confirm the abolition.

Sir Henry McMahon

Sir Henry McMahon,
British High Commissioner of Egypt

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