A Brief History of Palestine up to 1933

In 1933, when Dalia left Germany with her family, there were already many Jewish settlements in Palestine, as well as large clusters of Eastern Jews who had been living for centuries in the major towns. Several of the rural settlements had been set up by 19th century Zionists in the fertile but malara infested lowlands which had been neglected during the era of Ottoman misrule.who longed to see Jews returning to a land they they believed was theirs by divine promise.

When the Ottoman Empire ended during WW1 with the British and their allies driving the Turks out of the Middle Eastwith the help of the Arabs living there. the league of Nations asked the Btitish to lead the country towards Independence at the same time stipulating that they were to create within it a homeland for Jews.

The Palestinian Arabs who had suported the British duting the war resented being asked to share their land with Jews especially when huge numbers entered the country in 1933 fleeing Nazi Germany.

Many of these German Jews settled in the new town of Haifa that the British were developing as a an industrial town with a large harbour and a huge refinery for processing oil piped across the desert from Iraq. The opening of the new harbour that threatened undeveloped Jaffa's traditional export trade sparked off riots throughout Palestine. These riots coincided with the arrival of Dalia and her family.