Is a marriage agency a good solution?

It is a relatively safe place. people are verified and undergo psychological tests, they know it is very certain that they will meet the right person

What is marriage agency dating like?

There are many people who, for various reasons, in their contacts with other people, despite their strenuous efforts and internal desires, are unable to independently build lasting relationships with which one could share life in two, for better and for worse, in health and in illness … that is forever . We are here to change this situation. We help the two halves of the apple to meet, get to know each other, love each other and spend their whole lives together. Today we want to write a few words about dating with our office?

We are wholeheartedly on the client’s side at every stage of the search. Being an adult, whether you are “after a struggle” or a person unmarried due to a lack of skills, knowledge of how to break the ice, it is not so easy to accept advice from others such as: “go out to people”, “meet someone”. After all, a friend or partner is not bought at a market or in a shop, and the very statement “go out to people” seems irritating and bizarre. We spend our whole lives among people, do shopping, go to work, and yet it does not cause an avalanche of interest in a given person. Even if there are such attempts, often a person is too closed in on himself, discouraged to notice the “other half” in the crowd.

The customer's comfort counts

We are well aware of how difficult the first step is, the fear of being met with disinterest and rejection, and how unfair our society can be in its judgments, and it effectively discourages any attempts to make a closer acquaintance. Thanks to us, you can be almost 100% sure that the person who will be introduced to you will be close to your beliefs, expectations in spirit and “body”, that you will definitely gain a friend to talk to, and whether there will be anything more from it depends mainly on you.

How does it start?

Before the first meeting takes place, we make every effort to not only adapt (as it is said in our industry) the personality profile to the client, but also help him, teach him to establish relationships with another person. We help to effectively avoid a situation where the robot in the application decides who to connect with whom, and finally it turns out that it was a person from a “completely different world”. Unfortunately, this happens in offices that, instead of contacting the client, real-time meetings rely on the number of accounts and play Russian roulette with human feelings. With us, a person looking for a partner knows that:

  • the number of meetings held will be kept to a minimum,
  • we will take care of everything
  • we focus on personal contact.

What still distinguishes us is the fact that we commute to the customer. Relax, during a face-to-face conversation in a space that is safe for the client, we examine how our help should look like. Thanks to this, each of the meetings with the “other half” proposed by us will be pleasant, and whether people selected by us will sparkle during personally conducted personality texts, it depends on them, to what extent they will be able to open up and give the next step forward .

It's just a matter of your trust

You may wonder, throw a dice or a coin, but in fact, until you take the first step, we will not be able to help you