How do I know when I am ready for a relationship?

Contrary to appearances, readiness for a serious relationship does not only mean openness to love, but above all a conscious decision to build a lasting and close relationship with another person, based on respect, mutual support and full acceptance. In fact, these issues are very individual and require the ability to recognize your own needs. However, there are several signs that you are ready for a relationship.

Love yourself before you love another person

Psychologists argue that in order to love another person, you must first love yourself. Only then will you be ready to both give and receive love. Many people build their own value only through recognition in the eyes of others. They mistakenly believe that the interest of the opposite sex shows their attractiveness. This, in turn, can lead to unsatisfactory and even toxic relationships built solely out of fear of loneliness.

So, if you fully accept yourself, are aware of your needs and live in harmony with yourself, it is a sign that you have matured for a relationship with another person. In our matrimonial office, we provide not only many tailored offers from potential partners, but most of all we provide support in the field of internal and external transformation. Thanks to this, you can be even better prepared for new acquaintances.

Other signals that you cannot ignore

There are a number of signs that it is time to embark on a fascinating long journey through life with another person. If you agree with most of the points below, feel free to say that you are ready for a relationship:

  • You are a happy, fulfilled, loving person who wants to share love.
  • You know that a good relationship should be based on unconditional love.
  • You accept yourself with all your strengths and weaknesses and are able to bestow that acceptance on the other person.
  • You are not looking for an ideal, but a man who will share good and bad days with you.
  • You don’t expect to be with the other person all the time.
  • You have passions, you like to devote yourself to your thoughts and you enjoy the time spent only with yourself.
  • You respect your “I” and you are able to respect your partner’s / your partner’s “I”.
  • You do not expect your partner to be saved from personal troubles.
  • You have abandoned your list of expectations, which closes you to new acquaintances and is usually impossible to fulfill.

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